US radio host calls for ‘civil disobedience’ against same-sex marriage

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Right-wing radio host Linda Harvey has called for people to rise up in “civil disobedience” against same-sex marriage.

The Mission America activist made the claim in a radio bulletin, after a Supreme Court decision at the start of this week finally led to marriage equality in a plurality of US states.

She said: “Pray friends for how God would use you as we enter a time of possible civil disobedience. We must not serve the interests  of sin and darkness.

“This is attempted theft of what God has ordained and our Lord will not honour this lawlessness.

“Allowing homosexuality to become normal in America may certainly be part of God’s judgment on our once-Christian nation for our irresponsible sexual practices and for turning our back on what the Lord has taught us.

“Even so, God will at some point allow the consequences of such defiance to play itself out and that will be a very tragic day indeed for those who have thumbed their noses at the Lord as they celebrate sin.”

“Those of us who know the truth about homosexuality are far from finished, and in fact, God will use this cowardly act by the majority in our high court to bring a new zeal and fervour to the pro-family movement.”

Harvey previously warned: “Now that you have same-sex marriage… as the culture declines we’re heading into the End Times, and it sure looks like we may be, or the end of America—or both.”

She has also claimed that gay people are “a myth” and that gay teenagers who are thrown out of their homes only have themselves to blame.

Listen to the clip below via Right Wing Watch: