Police investigate as man’s front door vandalised with the word ‘fag’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Eric Arthur woke up earlier this week to find that someone had vandalised his front door, labelling him a “fag”.

Of McKinney, Texas, which is close to Dallas, Arthur said he had never had a problem with homophobia until he found the slur emblazoned across his door, along with a crudely drawn picture of a penis.

He was told by a neighbour that his home of 5-years had been tampered with by a vandal.



Speaking after the incident he said: “I opened the door and immediately feel my stomach in my chest”, he continued: “[I’m] vulnerable, scared, confused… I think every emotion I could possibly feel at the time it was happening.”

Saying he keeps his personal life to himself he said his fear was: “If they knew me well enough, why would they do this to me?”

The neighbour who alerted him to the incident, Byron Bounds, who also happens to have a gay son, said it “is just totally uncalled for”. He called the graffiti “idiotic”.

Police are investigating, and believe that the incident is isolated.

Arthur, having since installed a burglar alarm, asked: “If they feel it’s okay to do that to your property, what’s keeping them from taking it a step further?”