Woman donates her life savings to anti-gay rally instead of buying a house

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A woman has donated money she planned to use for a down-payment on a family home to an anti-gay group.

The National Organisation for Marriage is holding an anti-gay ‘March for Marriage’ rally in Washington DC later this month, ahead of the Supreme Court’s upcoming same-sex marriage case.

The organisation managed to attract zero prominent political speakers to the even despite a number of senior Republicans on last year’s billing – and has launched a crowd-funding campaign to help bus ‘protesters’ in from elsewhere.

However, JoeMyGod spotted that one woman has donated over $750 (£500) to the group to hit back at “LGBT bullies” – that she had originally planned to use as a down-payment on her home.

Citing negative comments on the group’s fundraising page, she wrote: “Thanks for this donation may be directed to Frank P. Conway, Todd C. Allis, and William Duke who inspired us to remove savings for the down-payment of our home and instead dedicate it to NOM.

“Gentlemen, if you are reading this, know that your $1 donation and pro same-sex marriage comments were meant ‘for evil’ but God has turned it ‘into good’ by impressing us to donate much more than the $25 we originally planned to give.

“Just as in the case of Memories Pizza, LGBT Bullies have crossed the line one too many times. All of you have actually proven that there is a GOD by motivating those of us who have been sitting on the sidelines to step forward and stand for what only GOD created – marriage between one man and one woman.

“Do you not realize that you have struck up a War not against the hand-picked White, middle-class people you have bullied to ‘celebrate’ your evil lifestyle and then proudly displayed on your LGBT-supported news outlets?

“You have started War against Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, Poor, Middle Income, Rich, Old, Young, Catholic, Baptist, Church of Christ, Presbyterians (i.e. including the 15.7 million African-American members who severed ties with PCUSA this summer), many more Protestant and Evangelical churches, and Constitutional-based organizations such as the NRA who understand if the LGBT is trying to wrest the 1st Amendment rights from Americans then the 2nd Amendment rights is probably your next target.

“NO! Enough is enough. The Supreme Court may rule in LGBT favour on this one case but you have lost all credibility as the ‘underdog who is only seeking equality’.

“America sees you for the hate-filled Projectors and Manipulators that you really are. But, your side is not just fighting 96% of America. GOD is the One that you are really fighting and just like Hitler’s Nazi regime – they won a number of battles but LOST the WAR.”

New York Democratic Senator Ruben Diaz is the only elected politician to have been confirmed as a speaker at the group’s ‘March for Marriage’.

Senior Republicans including Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Tim Huelskamp spoke at the event last year – but are all absent from this year’s billing.

It claimed 10,000 people attended the rally last year – despite independent estimates finding that at most 2000 people were there.

Before the event, Brian Brown had sent an email “begging” members to show up to the rally on the day, to avoid embarrassing him in front of the media.

This year’s march will take place on April 25 – the same week that the US Supreme Court begins hearing a case that could decisively bring same-sex marriage to all 50 states.