Multi-millionaire senator vowed to donate her salary to charity. She gave thousands to anti-LGBT+ groups

Georgia voters targeted with vile anti-trans propaganda. It didn't work

According to Buzzfeed News, Loeffler, a Republican lawmaker and social doyenne, has a combined net worth with her husband of $800 million and the pair hold a roughly $500 million stake in the New York Stock Exchange’s parent company, Intercontinental Exchange.

As a result, the lawmaker pledged to donate her $174,000 congressional salary to statewide charities each financial quarter.

But over the last two quarters, the outlet stated, she donated $26,600 to seven anti-abortion pregnancy centres, and $3,800 to Covenant Care Adoptions, an anti-LGBT+ adoption agency.

Loeffler submitted a bill in September that effectively rewrites a crucial civil rights law to legally erase trans youth, barring them from competing in school sports.

Congress’ richest member donates thousands to Christian adoption agency that believes homosexuality is akin to ‘bestiality and incest’.

The non-profit Christian adoption and counselling agency’s website states that it requires adoptive parents to be “husband and wife” and must agree to its “Statement of Faith“.

The document demands users agree that: “God created the institution of marriage between one man and one woman as His ordained means of filling the earth.

“We oppose the elective abortion of all human life,” it continues, before adding: “We believe that God intends sexual intimacy to occur only between a man and a woman who are married to each other.”

Mile Pence and Kelly Loeffler at a campaign rally

US vice president Mike Pence waves to supporters at a Defend the Majority Rally in Canton Georgia along with senator Kelly Loeffler. (Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

It goes onto group homosexuality as “sexual immorality”, alongside “bisexual conduct, bestiality, incest, and use of pornography”. “Rejection of one’s biological sex is a rejection of the image of God within that person,” it read.

Of the volley of anti-abortion centres she has donated it, among them is the Georgia branch of Obria Medical Clinics. The California-based company obtained in 2019 $5.1 million as part of the Title X Family Planning Program, a federal grant scheme that subsidised clinics providing birth control.

Yer, Obria Medical Clinics provides no kind of contraception to its service-users, Refinery 29 reported. It instead offers “abortion pill reversal”, a practice which lacks evidence and prior studies into it was shut down by researchers, citing safety reasons.

Instead, the grant was an effort by Trump administration officials to spread federal money to anti-abortion organisations instead of Planned Parenthood, which previously received large chunks of the grant.

Loeffler is currently ensnarled in the heated run-off election that could determine whether the Republicans continue their control of the Senate. She faces Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock 5 January.

PinkNews contacted representatives of Kelly Loeffler for comment.