This woman posted smiling pictures of the homophobes who sent her vile threats

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A Russian woman who was sent vile and abusive homophobic messages on social media has shamed those responsible by posting their photos online.


In a bid to get revenge on dozens of people who sent her the aggressive and violent messages, Elena Klimova, who runs Children 404, an online support group for LGBT youths, posted photos of those behind the messages, alongside the messages themselves.

She published the messages on VKontakte, Russia’s most popular social media platform, on a page named ‘Beautiful people and the things they say to me.’

Among others, one message read: “You fucking animal, delete your fucking LGBT group”, and others said she would “burn in hell”, or urged her to kill herself.

One chilling message read: “Hello. My fag brother is one of your friends online and I have a request for you – teach him not to show his faggot tendencies when he comes to family gatherings.

“He will never be accepted by anyone in our family as a fag, so he can sit and shut up.”


The author of that message, named Yulia, posed in a photo smiling with a bunch of flowers.

The description on the page reads: “As beautiful people write to me often, this album will be continually updated,

“It was created for the enjoyment of contrasts and the diversity of life.”

These photos have been blurred, but on Klimova’s original VK page, their faces and names are visible.

Gay people have faced increasing issues in Russia since President Vladimir Putin in 2013 signed a federal law banning the “promotion of non-tradtional sexual relations”.