Former ‘Bigot of the Year’ Chris Grayling demoted in cabinet reshuffle

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Former ‘Bigot of the Year’ Chris Grayling demoted in cabinet reshuffle
Conservative minister Chris Grayling has been demoted by PM David Cameron.

The former justice minister, who is on the right wing of the Conservative party, won re-election in his Epsom and Ewell seat this week.

As the Prime Minister reshuffles his cabinet following the departure of the Lib Dems from government, Mr Grayling’s former role has been handed to Michael Gove – with Mr Grayling being taken off the Justice brief and handed the lesser role of Leader of the House of Commons.

He was also appointed to the ceremonial role of Lord President of the Council.

Mr Grayling was named ‘bigot of the year’ by Stonewall in 2010,  after he said that bed and breakfasts should have the right to bar gay couples.

At the height of a legal case surrounding a same-sex couple, Mr Grayling told a right-wing policy think-tank: “I think we need to allow people to have their own consciences.”

He later apologised for the remarks – and eventually voted in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act in 2013, as well as processing a Royal Pardon for gay codebreaker Alan Turing.

David Cameron is currently re-shuffling his senior team, with Nicky Morgan expected to retain her roles as Minister for Women and Equalities, as well as Secretary of State for Education.

Ms Morgan was controversially given the Equalities brief in July last year – despite voting against same-sex marriage.

She has since become a supporter of LGBT rights, telling PinkNews in October that she would now “probably” vote in favour of same-sex marriage if she could do so again.