Russian police arrest gay rights activists at Moscow pride rally

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Several gay rights activists have been arrested by police after attempting to stage a gay pride rally in Moscow.

One of the activists attempted to unfurl a rainbow flag as they were arrested by police.

During the incident, around 30 counter-demonstrators threw eggs at those participating in the pride parade.

It is understood that the rally was not authorised in advanced, and that a Moscow court had banned them from demonstrating.

Gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev tweeted saying he was “beaten” at the event, and that the fingers on his left hand were “probably” broken.

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Alexeyev also tweeted later that he was being taken to hospital by police.

Several counter-demonstrators were also detained by police.

Those arrested were loaded onto waiting vans.

Gay pride parades are often rejected by authorities in Russia, and LGBT people face persecution.

In 2013, President Vladimir Putin signed a bill into law which federally bans the “promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships.”

Update: The headline of this article originally read ‘Moscow Pride’. this was updated to read ‘Moscow pride rally, to reflect that the rally was an unsanctioned demonstration, not the official Moscow Pride celebrations.