Watch: Doctor Who star Michelle Gomez mocks Mormon ‘ex-gays’

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Doctor Who star Michelle Gomez has recorded a comedy skit satirising ‘ex-gay’ therapy in the Mormon church.

The actress – who debuted in the sci-fi series last year as Missy, the first female incarnation of iconic Doctor Who villain The Master, appears as a parody of a religious agony aunt in new comedy webseries Heather’s American Medicine.

In the clip, a teen asks Heather: “Dear Heather, I’m a Mormon, my parents are Mormons, and all my life I’ve been living with a secret… I’m gay.

“Is there any way to stop being gay?”

She replies: “Absolutely! Just stop being gay. It’s a choice. Like all gays, you’re confused.

“There’s a reason we don’t shove square pegs in round holes.”

“I say find yourself a nice beard, pop on some bad clothes, have around ten kids or so – blend in with your Mormon breathren.

“You can fly off to San Francisco on business once a month, and Bob is your leather-clad uncle!”

She also reveals she has experienced her own “lesbo tension” with the “dungarees brigade”.

Gomez will be reprising her role as Missy on Doctor Who this autumn.

She said previously: “The thing is is that with casting me and having this face, you never really know whether I’m a man or a woman anyway.

“You just pop a bit of red lipstick on me and I’m sort of Paul O’Grady’s love child.”