Tom who? Dustin Lance Black hooks up with Mormon singer in music video

Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black has appeared in a music video playing the boyfriend of out Mormon singer Tyler Glenn.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker, who is currently dating Olympic diver Tom Daley in real life, cuddles up to Glenn in the video for the new Neon Trees single, Songs I Can’t Listen To.

The pair are seen as a young gay couple who appear very much in love.

The pair listen to music.

And cuddle in bed.

And float in mid-air (like all regular gay couples do).

Meanwhile, Tom is busy with his diving career.

Despite being a devout Mormon, Glenn came out as gay last year – and has spoken at length about the complex relationship between his faith and his sexuality.

He later explained: “I consider myself Mormon, I believe in Mormonism, I believe in the Book of Mormon and I try to follow the teachings.

“It’s terrible some of the things that have been said by church leaders, but I also feel like there’s a lot of strides that have been made.

“I was surprised at how many Mormon church leaders wrote me messages saying, ‘this is great that you’re doing this’. That really was cool.

“I don’t always attend church on Sunday, but I wasn’t going to throw away my faith.

“On the level of being a role model for kids or LGBT Mormon youth, I’m totally down because I come from that background and I would be able to speak to them honestly.”

The singer, who was promoting his new album Pop Psychology, said he is looking to settle down with someone, and struggling with his dislike of gay apps

He said: “What do I do?’ I hate gay apps. I don’t know if I should embrace them or not.

“I just don’t want to hook up, I want to find someone. I also want to have love.”