Church of Norway ‘furious’ after Eurovision star films raunchy gay music video in church

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The Church of Norway has lashed out at a singer who filmed a steamy gay music video in one of its churches, labelling it a “gross abuse” of the building.

Iranian-born singer Tooji, who represented Norway at the contest in 2012 with the song ‘Stay’, came out as gay this week in a music video for song Father.

The raunchy video sees Tooji share a passionate kiss with a priest, before the pair strip and appear naked together in front of the congregation.

In a supplementary video the singer confirmed his sexuality, and attacked religion for its stance on LGBT issues.

The video, which was shot in Oslo’s Frogner Church with full permission, has caused outrage in the Church of Norway – which claims it was not made aware of the nature of the video.

A statement from the Bishop of Oslo said: “I was informed about the issue after a decision was taken in Frogner parish to rent out the nave, and the recording had taken place.

“Regardless of the music video’s message, shooting intimate scenes in front of the altar is totally unacceptable and is a gross abuse of the church.

“The nave should never be used as a visual backdrop for sexual scenes in a commercial production. A similar scene between man and woman would be equally unacceptable.

“What has happened here violates the rules and regulations we have for the use of church space.”

Tooji said of the video previously: “It’s time that we put human rights above religion.

“I always thought that who I loved is my business, but knowing how many young people are struggling with the burden of society’s ignorance, I want to stand out as an example and let my voice be heard for all those voices mute.

“I am gay, and I stand up for my rights, and that is why I made the video Father.”

Watch the videos below: