7 year old trans girl met Laverne Cox and it was adorable

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

When a mother found out Laverne Cox was due to speak in her home town, she knew she had to take her daughter along.

Writing for Kuow, the woman said she knew it was important for her daughter, who she calls M. in the article, to meet someone just like her – even if “Orange is the New Black isn’t really appropriate viewing for 7-year-olds.”

She went along to the event with her daughter, and another mother, Alice, and her trans daughter.

She said: “Laverne walked into the room, the crowd went nuts. M. and Alice’s daughter went nuts, too, cheering and clapping for the glamorous lady everyone seemed to love so much.

“I think ours were the only kids in the audience. Most of the speech went over their heads.

“But here’s the message that I hope got through to them: Here is someone who is talented and smart and famous and beloved by the multitudes – and she’s also like you.”

Best of all, they got the opportunity to meet Ms Cox after the speech.

“Laverne waved her Hollywood wave at the crowd, thanked us graciously, and then looked down at the little girl blocking her path.

“‘Well, hello,’ she said.

“‘I’m M.’ my daughter said.

Laverne smiled down at her. ‘Hello, M.’

“’And I’m trans,’ M. said.

“I don’t think Laverne saw that coming. But M. knew what to do. She went in for a hug.

“Laverne crouched down to meet M.’s hug at eye level, and as I frantically snapped photos for posterity, I heard her say to my daughter, “Remember, honey, transgender is beautiful.'”

In Australia this week an MP condemned a young trans girl for running in a cross-country event with her classmates.