Vladimir Putin: I’ve never made a mistake because God built me to be perfect

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed he has never made a mistake – because God built him to be “perfect”.

The anti-gay politician made the claim in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

He was asked: “Is there an action that you most regret in your life, something that you consider a mistake and wouldn’t want to repeat ever again?”

Mr Putin replied: “I’ll be totally frank with you. I cannot recollect anything of the kind.

“It appears that the Lord built my life in a way that I have nothing to regret.”

Presumably he did not “regret” signing the country’s ‘gay propaganda’ law – which bans the “promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships” to minors.

In a previous interview, Putin claimed the West has invented Russia’s record of homophobia.

He said: “It is a label attached to the Russian Federation by other countries, especially by those which have criminal responsibility for people of non-traditional sexual orientation.

“[Homosexuality] is not the choice of our society, but those are people whose rights are not cut.

“[It’s not our] intention to persecute people of whatever non-traditional orientation.”

“We are not punishing anyone, but traditional family, healthy nation — those are our choices.

“One does not exclude the other, and one does not affect the other. I believe, a balanced approach like this is absolutely correct.”

A bank with close ties to the Kremlin recently agreed to loan money to a number of far-right homophobic parties across Europe.