Malta government launches trans and intersex education policy

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The Maltese government has launched a progressive education policy on trans and intersex inclusion.

Earlier this year Malta became the first country in the world to outlaw unnecessary surgery on intersex children, as well as introducing some of the most progressive gender recognition laws for trans people.

The policy document is being distributed to schools, and gives advice on how best to support trans, intersex and gender variant students. It emphasises schools’ responsibility to provide safe and inclusive environments for all students.

The guidelines include allowing children to choose the facilities such as toilets that match their gender, and to allow trans students to wear the uniform they wish to.

Once a student has stated their intention to transition, and filed an application with the Court, teachers and staff are to use their chosen name and pronouns – as well as including them in sport and physical education classes for the appropriate gender.

Civil Liberties Minister Helena Dalli said she had worked on the policy after hearing from trans students who had experienced difficulty in school – including one person who had been unable to have his name changed on his exam certificates and struggled to gain employment as a result.

ILGA-Europe Senior Policy and Programmes Officer Sophie Aujean said in a statement: “What is so exciting about this policy is the fact that it could pave the way for similar initiatives all over Europe.

“This is a change legislators can make right away to improve the lives of all children.”

Yesterday it was reported the Maltese government were looking into proposals to ban harmful “gay cure” therapy.