This transgender 9-year-old is winning people’s hearts

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A nine-year-old transgender girl is charming the world – after her mother revealed she will return to school as female.

The North Wales Daily Post spoke to the mother of Ellie-Jo Hughes, who has felt female since she was three years old.

Her family say she loves wearing dresses, and asked for a wig for her birthday. Until now she has only dressed female in her own home, and as a boy outside the house – but Ellie-Jo hopes to return to school as female in September.

Her mother Sam Hughes said: ““When Joseph puts on dresses, he seems much more content and happy in himself, his attitude changes completely.

“Almost his entire life, he’s enjoyed dressing up as a girl – I have five other children who have all played dressing up – but with Joseph, it was different, more natural somehow.”

“I remember when he was at Ysgol Llywelyn when he was four, the teacher asked him what was wrong and he said he was upset because he wanted to be a girl.

“When he started putting his older sister’s clothes on, I didn’t think much of it at the time, but it turned into something he never really seemed to grow out of.”

After seeing trans specialists, she was told there was little support available for trans children.

Sam continued: “The doctor saw him twice and said there was nothing more they can do until Joseph’s 11, when his hormones start to kick in. Since then, we’ve just been left to get on with it really.

“To me it’s clear that he has gender dysphoria but I wanted to give Joseph time to think for himself and do what comes naturally to him.”

Of the possiblity of transitioning at Ellie-Jo’s new school, she said: “I’ve been in touch with the school and we are having a meeting to discuss this possibility.

“The headteacher said there is another school in the vicinity that has allowed a child to transition their gender so it’s likely that they might allow Joseph to do it too.”