Someone ‘fixed’ this anti-gay marriage billboard and made it much better

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A sign in Ohio opposing same-sex marriage has been vandalised – to give exactly the opposite message.
Someone ‘fixed’ this anti-gay marriage billboard and made it much better

The sign was erected in Columbus, Ohio – ahead of a Supreme Court ruling that could finally bring equality to the state. Ohio is one of just 14 remaining states that does not permit same-sex couples to wed.

It had read: “Holy Matrimony is One Man and One Woman”.

However, two letters have been whited out from the sign by a vandal – leaving it instead reading: “Holy Matrimony is One Man and One man”.

The sign was posted on Reddit, by a user who praised the “correction”, writing: “Proud of my hometown for vandalizing somebody’s billboard.”

Last month, a separate Reddit user tricked anti-gay protesters into unwittingly advertise gay porn, after snapping up their expired web domain.

The Carolina protesters held signs pointing to the anti-gay blog ‘Warnings of Wrath’ – which rallies against homosexual “sodomites”.

However, they had neglected to renew their website domain – allowing the Redditor to redirect it to a hardcore gay porn side without tipping off the protesters

Last month, a video game shop in Ireland responded brilliantly to vandals who smashed their way in and spray-painted “gay” on the windows.