Christian minister blames the Jews for America getting equal marriage

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A Christian pastor and activist has blamed Jewish people for the Supreme Court’s ruling in favour of same-sex marriage.

Mark Dankof, a Lutheran, made the claims in an interview with Iran’s Press TV.

As well as same-sex marriage, Dankof attributed “victories for abortion on demand” to “Jewish power, money and activism.”

“It should not be ignored that the victories for abortion on demand and LGBT rights are reflective of the disproportionate influence of Jewish power, money, and activism in the United States,” Dankof said.

“The key Jewish role played in the mainstreaming of abortion, LGBT, and pornography in the United States may be documented in Google search, especially in looking at the Frankfurt School and its Institute for Social Research,” he added.

Going on, Dankof praised Russian President Vladimir Putin as one of the only world leaders standing up to “the Zionist agenda:.

“I believe Mr. Putin is a key ingredient in destroying this global threat, and restoring cultural integrity and national sovereignty to his country, and providing a model for defeating the Zionist agenda globally,” he concluded.

The Supreme Court ruled on Friday that marriage is a constitutional right for all Americans, including same-sex couples.

The opinion means same-sex marriage will be extended to all US states.