Restaurant names special dish after ‘douche’ Justice who opposed same-sex marriage

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A restaurant in Philadelphia named its breakfast special after ‘douche’ Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, after his scathing attack on same-sex marriage.

The highest court in the US ruled by 5-4 on Friday that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, but the dissenting judges poured scorn on the decision.

The ultra-conservative Justice Scalia, who has consistently opposed against nearly every LGBT rights case his court has heard, wrote a scathing dissent attacking both equality and his fellow justices.

Slamming his colleagues in a rambling dissent, he labelled the ruling a “judicial Putsch”, adding: “The opinion is couched in a style that is as pretentious as its content is egotistic.”

He also claimed: “The Supreme Court of the United States has descended from disciplined legal reasoning… to the mystical aphorisms of the fortune cookie.”

In reaction to the move, Sam’s Morning Glory diner in Philadelphia named its special ‘The Antonin Scalia Is A Douche Special’.

Restaurant names special dish after ‘douche’ Justice who opposed same-sex marriage(Photo:

The dish – that comes both as scrambled eggs or a frittata – was so popular on Saturday that it had sold out by 10 AM.

Meanwhile, a special quiche titled ‘The Supreme Court Finally Got It Right’ sold out even more quickly.

Owner Carol Mickey told local news blog Billy Penn that an employee had originally come up with the name as a joke, but she added: “I don’t see any problem with it!”

She said: “Not one single person complained.

“The atmosphere in here was really wonderful. People were just loving saying it! ‘I’ll have the Scalia is a Douche, please’.”

The restaurant owner added: “I’ve seen people go through so much trouble when they move from state to state if they’re gay or transgendered and married. They lose benefits, can’t get their social security, it’s a mess.”