Apparently, acupuncture can ‘cure’ homosexuality

A homoeopathy blog claims that gay people can be ‘cured’ through alternative therapies including acupuncture.

The ridiculous claim was made on blog Hydrogen2Oxygen, which promotes so-called ‘alternative’ remedies.

It claims: “Homosexuality can be cured by homeopathic treatment.

“Many homeopaths have reported seeing this happen to their homosexual patients, that after a treatement [sic] for a problem like a headache they reported that their former sexual orientation changed from being homosexual to healthy heterosexual.”

Incredibly, the site – spotted by journalist Jane Fae – claims that homosexuality occurs when life force flows “from the top back to the anus” and causes a “blockage in the first and second chakra”.

The website continues: “When this happens during childhood it is possible that this causes a lot of problems in the sexual orientation, especially if this happens before the puberty starts.

“It is known that this reverted flow of the Governing Vessel could be caused by birth trauma. One reason why especially trauma remedies was successful in changing the orientation.”

It says of ‘cures’: “Every homeopathic remedy, even acupuncture, which is applied for ‘secondary problems’ can alter the sexual orientation, changing it to the healthy state of heterosexual.”

A legal disclaimer on the blog does claim that “you must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical advice”.

Most doctors will tell you that magic needles can’t really do much to stop you being gay.