American Samoa still won’t allow same-sex marriage

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Despite some minor objections, all US territories appear to have begun allowing same-sex couples to marry – all except one.

American Samoa remains the only territory of the US to still be holding out against the recent Supreme Court ruling that all couples, straight or gay, have a constitutional right to marry.

Despite many saying the change should go into effect immediately, the attorney general of the Pacific island Talauega Eleasalo Ale, says the decision is still being reviewed.

“We’re still reviewing the decision to determine its applicability to American Samoa, and I have no specific comments at this time,” he said.

Going on, he said he did not know whether the law would effect the territory.

One university professor, Rose Cuilson Villazor, of California Davis’ law school, told the AP that the implementation of same-sex marriage should be “unquestioned”.

Although US territories have some self-governance rights, marriage is not included in that.

No same-sex couples have applied for a marriage licence yet in American Samoa.

Others, such as Puerto Rico and Guam have already implemented the change.