If this poll is right, then anti-gay marriage Donald Trump could become President

A new poll shows the businessman and ex Apprentice star’s popularity has surged in recent weeks, however experts say his chances of success are still slim.

The Economist and YouGov poll, released yesterday, shows Trump – who has previously spoken out against same-sex marriage – emerging as a frontrunner for the US Presidential candidacy for 2016 – although experts say he will never reach the White House.

“Trump supporters may be making more of a statement than voting for someone they consider a contender,” Kathy Frankovic wrote on YouGov in wake of the results.

“Just one in five of Trump’s supporters think Trump will win the nomination.”

She also highlighted that Trump’s supporters tend to back the far right Republican Tea Party, identify as “very conservative,” – no surprises there – and are less likely to be university-educated.

In addition, Trump’s 15 percent is not a particularly impressive performance in a field crowded with candidates – many of whom have spoken out against the LGBT community and the Supreme court’s decision to approve same sex marriage – Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Mike Huckabee have also hit or passed 15 percent in at least one US poll.

However, somebody who hasn’t done quite so well is anti gay and spray tan enthusiast Rick Santorum. Mr Santorum’s homophobic rhetoric – which includes a claim that same sex marriage will cause a global crisis – doesn’t seem to be having the positive impact he hoped.

The poll he is third from bottom, taking just 1 percent of the overall vote.

Maybe he should take a leaf out of Mr Trump’s book and hire some actors to garner support – as his rival was rumoured to have done so at the launch of his candidacy.