Ghana: Lecturer tells students, ‘We must rise against evil homosexuals’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A lecturer in Ghana has prophesied that churches risk “being dominated by homosexuals” if the clergy fails to stage a “blistering crusade” against same sex marriage in Ghana.

Law lecturer Moses Foh-Amoaning said the “dormant posture” of the Ghanaian clergy and the likes will see the “houses of God being ruled by evil homosexuals”.

Speaking on what was supposed an educational Ghanian radio programme, the lawyer used the platform to express regarding “gayism” in country.

“Why is the clergy mute?” he blasted.

“I do not like the situation [where] our pastors are mute about gayism.

“If they do not take care, their big cathedrals, churches and other places of meeting will be filled with homosexuals,” he warned.

Lawyer Foh-Amoaning, who is the spokesperson of National Coalition for Proper Human Right and Family Value – an anti same sex marriage movement – also criticised those in the government and the media who support equality.

He claims his aim is to break down “falsehoods about homosexuals”, and “educate the youth at the Senior and Junior High schools on the need to turn their backs to the menace”.

However, exactly what these “falsehoods” are remains a mystery. Like many “pro-family” activists, Foh-Amoaning failed to confirm details of the “menace” he is so openly against, simply saying that homosexuals are “evil” and “against God.”

Same-sex sexual activity between men is illegal in Ghana with those found guilty facing up to 3 years in prison.

Earlier this year, a lawyer in Ghana called for the immediate arrest of students who took part in pornographic movies.

Gary Nimako made the comments in response to an investigation by local media, which claimed of a “festering underground gay porn movie industry in Ghana in which mostly male university students and jobless young men are preyed upon by foreign producers and their Ghanaian collaborators.”