Presidential candidate wants to ‘eradicate gay people by firing squad’

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George Boateng has said that he would have all gay people killed by firing squad if elected.

The Ghanaian presidential hopeful has promised to unseat current President John Mahama in the upcoming National Democratic Congress party’s presidential primaries – due to take place in November.

Before even doing so, however, Boateng has already delivered some frighteningly brutal homophobic promises to the people of Ghana.

Speaking on Kasapa radio, the political hopeful said that it was now time to “eradicate” homosexuality from the country – by seeking out, arresting and executing members of the LGBT community.

He declared: “There is too much indiscipline in Ghana, under my presidency when a corrupt person, gay or lesbian are arrested the law will make it possible for the courts to sentence the offender to death by firing squad”

“It will be a public event to be witnessed by all to serve as a deterrent.

“There must be a house cleaning exercise to clear all such terrible acts from the society.”

Same-sex sexual activity between men is illegal in Ghana with those found guilty facing up to three years in prison.

Earlier this year, a prominent lecturer in Ghana prophesied that churches risked “being dominated by homosexuals” if the clergy failed to stage a “blistering crusade” against same sex marriage in the country.

Law lecturer Moses Foh-Amoaning said the “dormant posture” of the Ghanaian clergy and will see the “houses of God being ruled by evil homosexuals”.

Speaking on what was supposed an educational Ghanian radio programme, the lawyer used the platform to express regarding “gayism” in country.

“Why is the clergy mute?” he blasted.

“I do not like the situation [where] our pastors are mute about gayism.

“If they do not take care, their big cathedrals, churches and other places of meeting will be filled with homosexuals,” he warned.