ISIS chief ‘bans’ unofficial execution videos because they’re bad for PR

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One of the chiefs of ISIS is reportedly trying to curb some of the organisation’s graphic execution and beheading videos – because they are too upsetting.

The terrorist group, which operates predominantly across Syria and Iraq, is notorious for filming videos in which captives – usually Westerners or opposing fighters – are brutally slaughtered.

It has also taken to executing men it claims are gay, by throwing them off of tall buildings and pelting them with rocks in IS-produced videos.

However, according to Syrian News agency ARA News, IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has ordered that unapproved videos be stopped.

In a message to the group’s media officers, the terrorist leader said that the production on usually phone-shot execution videos be halted, as many are ‘too disturbing’, and may disgust or scare children.

Baghdadi said the object was to “to scare our enemies and not our own people”.

It comes after a video emerged of a very young IS fighter beheading members of the Syrian Army.

However, it is unclear whether the ban includes the group’s ‘officially’ produced videos – which are usually scripted and tightly edited – or just informal videos shot by militants that are released online.

Members of the terrorist group, which has published a number of graphic videos featuring the murder of supposed gay men, holds power across parts of Iraq, Syria and Libya.

ISIS militants recently threatened to throw homosexuals off the Leaning Tower of “Pizza”.

Members of ISIS took to Twitter to warn that they were coming to “Rome” to “use your leaning tower of pizza to throw off homosexuals”.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa – which is not spelled Pizza – is actually located in the town of Pisa, nearly 200 miles from Rome.