Islamic State posts photos of man being executed for being gay

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Yet another young person has been thrown to his death by the so-called Islamic State, after being accused of being gay.

The extremist group, posted photos of the execution, surrounded in its usual fashion by crowds of people.

BEWARE: This article contains images which some people will find disturbing

The photos were shared via affiliate websites, as the execution was carried out “the limits of Allah and Islam”, as read out by the militants.

The killing took place in the city of Mosul, but the time and exact location of the execution is unknown, reports Iraqi News.

Another man was sentenced to death by Islamic State and killed in the city earlier this year.

Back in August, ISIS publicly executed another man accused of being gay by throwing him from a rooftop in northwestern Iraq.

Islamic State posts photos of man being executed for being gay

Islamic State (ISIS) back in 2015 released more images of yet another man being thrown from a building for being gay, however, the man survives the fall, before being stoned to death.

Last month ISIS released extremely graphic images of the execution of two men for being gay. The men were thrown from a tall building. Some of the images were too graphic to display on PinkNews.