Obama can relax as Kenyan naked protest is cancelled

The highly anticipated naked protest intended to tackle US president Barack Obama to Kenya did not take place in the end, reported Kenyan newspaper The Star.

The Republican Liberty Party – an ultra conservative, far right political group and one Kenya’s most vocal anti-LGBT organisations – had planned to hold the “peaceful protest” to mark Obama’s visit, by getting 5,000 men and women to strip off to greet him during today and tomorrow’s trip.

However, the party’s leader Vincent Kidala today revealed that the protest was postponed, saying that he was forced to cancel it after a 2am phone call from the Kenyan government.

“The caller said President Uhuru Kenyatta is not planning to discuss gay rights with US president Barack Obama and that he is against gay rights,” Kidala told local paper The Star.

He also revealed that Kenya’s national security committee had warned him against leading the protest in separate phone call. “The unidentified caller said protesting would be like pushing for a terror attack.

“He said they have terror alerts and would not want to take chances.”

Earlier this week, Kidaha expressed his thoughts on the LGBT community, calmly stating that gay people do not “have human rights” and “deserve to be stoned or hanged.”

The head of the KRL talked to audioBoom News about the reasoning behind his upcoming protest during President Obama’s visit.

Kidaha said: “In UK, gays have rights. In Africa, they don’t.

“Gay is not a human right. You cannot have sex with people – that doesn’t fit in with African family values.”

He added that he does not want to “hurt gay people” (apart from wanting to stone, hang and beat them, obviously), but that he would be “happy” to be murdered if he was a member of the LGBT community.

However, President Obama may not want to breath a sigh of relief just yet – Kidala has warned that the protesters, many of them prostitutes, will be on stand by in case the topic of gay rights comes up. He previously claimed that 3,600 people have registered to be part of the protest.