Watch: This is what Jurassic World would be like if everyone wore heels

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Someone has taken the time to put high heels on every character in Jurassic World, and it is absolutely brilliant.

Jurassic3 Jurassic2

Bryce Dallas Howard was the butt of some jokes for running around in heels in Jurassic World

As Bryce Dallas Howard’s character has been ridiculed for running through the jungle in the latest Jurassic Park film ‘Jurassic World’, XVP Comedy made this hilarious parody.

All characters, from dinosaurs, to mosquitos to Jeff Goldblum, are given high heels for this special ‘box-set’.

Jurassic 6

The special effects are quite convincing

Jurassic 5

Everyone wears heels in this parody

In the video all characters in the trailers for all three Jurassic Park films run around in heels.

JUrassic 10

Even the dinosaurs…


Even mosquitos…

This is sure to impress those who made a Tumblr page dedicated to action heroines wearing high heels in films.

Jurassic 13

Even Jeff Goldblum…

While the film has been criticised for possibly being an example of sexism in hollywood, the film created by Patrick De Nicola and Sam Martin is hysterical.

Watch it below