People around the world really believe this homophobe is Jesus

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

People are travelling the globe in border to join a cult run by an extreme homophobe who genuinely believes he is Jesus.

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, who calls himself BLGM, says a former Pope told him his face is burnt into the Turin Shroud, proving that he is Jesus incarnate.


Hailing from Toogoom, a small coastal town in Queensland, Australia, Marshall claims to have a letter form Pope Benedict saying he is the second coming.

The letter reads: “Many days ago Mr Brian Marshall sent me photographs of Him and the Most Holy Shroud of Turin.

“He actually looks so much like that of the Holy Image on the Shroud.

“There is no other explanation. He is simply the Lord Jesus Christ Almighty!

“He is the Most Royal Man Alive, The King of Kings. The Messiah, Almighty and Everlasting.”

He has previously gone on rants saying that LGBT should be “destroyed”, and says Pope Francis is his nemesis.

In one posting in which he calls himself ‘The Christ Comforter Father King of Kings of Lords Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall’, he writes: “Almighty God BLGM is taking back his rainbow. The LGBT will be destroyed as they were at Sodom and Gomorrah in their day.”

He lives with his wife, a cat and calls his car, which he calls the ‘Ark of the Covenant’.

Worryingly, people have travelled the world to join the cult, with one an having supposedly left his family behind in the US to join the 71-year-old.

Marshall has been accused of exploiting those with mental health issues.