These beautiful photos show the heartbreak of anti-LGBT abuse

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This photographer has created a beautiful and moving collection of images exploring what it is like to be LGBT.

Robin Hammond travelled the world to create his ‘Where Love is Illegal’ project.

Images are taken from seven different countries, and explore LGBT intolerance and abuse.

There were 65 subjects, all who experienced discrimination and persecution in different forms.

Each photo is accompanied with a story about the subject – some used their real names, others chose to hide their identity.

Speaking to National Geographic, Hammond said: “I travel extensively and often come across views I don’t hold, and I have to do my best to put myself in the shoes of others. But I found these statements from intelligent people who I liked very hard to stomach.

“My projects often come from an experience or a view of an injustice, something that makes me angry. It became vital to me to tell these stories—the ones that had not yet been told.”

The full collection, including all of the heartbreaking stories is available to view here.


Image shows Sally from Syria who was raped, and who identifies as female


Kwesigabo Simon fled his home after he and his boyfriend were attacked by a mob when they were caught having sexPhoto5

Trans woman Abinaya Jayaraman is homeless after being rejected by her family – she is a sex worker to survive in Malaysia


Trans man Mitch Yusmar poses with his partner of 17 years, Lalita Abdullah and their adopted children Photo2

Jessie is a trans woman from the Lebanon – she was raped by members of her family as a child, and was beaten when she put on makeupPhoto15

Gad was raped and abused by police after a raid in his home town of Syria


Milli was subjected to ‘corrective rape’ by a neighbour in South Africa – her abuser never faced trial as he fled from the police

The full collection, including all of the heartbreaking stories is available to view here.