Watch: Man asks 100 guys for their number, gets a surprising response

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A man asked a hundred guys in London for their number for a ‘social experiment’ – and got a much better reaction than you’d think.

YouTuber Ed decided to conduct the experiment after asking a hundred women for their number – and receiving a less-than-enthusiastic response.

He said: “I’m going to be going up to guys this time and asking for their number. No talking beforehand – just straight up ‘can I get your number?”

The prankster didn’t have huge success with the majority of the men – being rejected over and over while attempting to secure a date.

However, despite a number of men being visibly shocked by the question, he does manage to convince 13 to give over their details for a date, compared to 87 rejections.

It’s higher than the amount of women who said yes to the same stunt – with 5 women saying yes, compared to 95 rejections.

Some praised the men who were asked out for their reactions – with none getting violent, and only a few abusive.

A commenter lamented: “Contrast this with those social experiments, involving two men holding hands, in Ukraine and Russia.

“No one got violent here, even though he was ‘hitting on’ them, unlike those ‘couples’ who could not even walk peacefully in public, while holding hands.

Two men in Ukraine who attempted to hold hands in Ukraine for a YouTube stunt were set upon by a violent far-right mob last week.

The pair were pepper-sprayed and kicked repeatedly by the assailants.