There’s something not right about China’s Olympic theme tune

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It’s seven years until they take place – but China’s Winter Olympic Games have already been hit with controversy.

China is currently in the early stages of preparing to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

However, an official Olympic theme has come under scrutiny – due to its similarity to Let It Go from hit Disney film Frozen.

The track is titled Bing Xue Wu Dong (The Snow and Ice Dance), and features an incredibly similar style to Let It Go, from a familiar piano melody to a similar female voice.

A detailed analysis of the songs, carried out by Caijing Online, found that ‘Bing Xue Wu Dong’ shares the same chords, introduction and tempo as the song from the hit animated musical.

A spokeswoman for the Beijing Games told the New York Times that she couldn’t comment on the song, which was one of ten unveiled by the city.

If you live under a rock, listen to the original version of Let It Go to compare:

It has attracted a huge amount of negative reaction on YouTube, with 170,000 views and thousands of dislikes.

One commenter joked: “Let me guess Beijing, the cold never bothered you anyway?”

Another said: “Is ‘The Snow and Ice Dance’ being sung by the Wicked-ly talented Adele Dazeem?”

A Christian radio host previously claimed that Disney is attempting to indoctrinate children into homosexuality and bestiality through animated film Frozen.

A Mormon blogger also attacked the film, which she said was trying to lull parents into “a frozen-state, which would then allow liberalism to indoctrinate children”.