Awful video shows man rejected from a job for being gay

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A social experiment has been published online which shows a man apparently rejected for a job because he mentions his boyfriend in an interview.

The video, shot in Sweden, shows two candidates, one openly gay, and with ample relevant experience, and the other straight, but with limited experience relating to the job.


Filmed with a secret camera, the gay candidate Olle, gets along swimmingly with the interview, who appears to suggest he has been successful near the end of the interview.

At which point Olle mentions that he has just bought an apartment with his boyfriend, and the interviewer’s tone changes from friendly to frosty as he says “excuse me”. He then iterates that there are many other applicants, and refuses to shake Olle’s hand.

Straight candidate Konrad, who has limited experience, and who says he has been out of work for a while, was offered the job.

According to reports, the boss featured in the video contacted Olle and Konrad from STLHM Panda, and was apologetic about his attitude.

Watch the experiment below