Republican faked gay rent boy scandal ‘to hide alleged straight affair’

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A Republican politician has been secretly recorded planning a fake story about him hiring a rent boy – in order to cover up an alleged affair with a female colleague.

Michigan state representative Todd Courser was secretly recorded planning to cover up allegations that he was having an affair with Republican colleague Cindy Gamrat – by planting a fake liason with a male prostitute.

According to The Detroit News, Courser instructed an aide to leak an “over-the-top story that’s obscene about me” – specifically so that he could deny it and claim he was being unfairly attacked.

In the clip, Courser reads an anonymous e-mail to be sent to political activists in the state, suggesting that he had sex with a male prostitute.

However, he explains the rent boy story is fabricated – so that he could deny it, in order to throw people off the scent of other scandals.

In the 11-minute recording, he reads fake allegations he wrote about himself being “removed from a nightclub… due to a male-on-male paid for sex”.

Explaining the fake story further, he adds: “‘He is a sexual deviant’… just get nasty about it. I need it to be over the top.”

“They’ll believe some of it. I’m not a homosexual! That’s probably part of the problem, but I don’t know that.

“Anything that comes after this is part of that. It’s a burn. People will say ‘I’m not listening to that, that’s bulls**t, it’s awful, they’re attacking him!

“It will make anything else that comes out after that — that isn’t a video — mundane, tame by comparison.

Courser confirmed to the newspaper that it was his voice on the recording – but said: “I’m not commenting on what happened in my office between [secretly recording aide] Ben and I inside here… I don’t have any comment at all.”