Catholic bishop bows to pressure to let trans man be godfather

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A trans man has been allowed to become a godfather to his nephew, despite previously being banned by the Catholic church.

A bishop previously determined that 21-year-old Alex Salinas would not be allowed to serve as a godparent of his nephew.

Salinas appealed to Bishop Rafael Zornoza after he was told by his local priest that he would not be able to be godfather of his nephew because he does not live “in accordance with the Catholic faith.”

Mr Salinas said that the parish priest was initially receptive to having him be the child’s godfather, but later changed his mind after contacting the diocese.

However following an intense backlash on social media, including a petition, Bishop Zornoza has changed his mind.

“I am very happy because of what this means for me, but above all, because what is good for me is good for other transsexuals who are Catholic and want to be part of the Church,” Salinas said