TV pastor tells viewers to shun Christians who accept gay people

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Televangelist Pat Robertson has claimed that Christians should shun anyone who accepts gay people.

The 700 Club host, whose show is broadcast widely across the US, advised a viewer to “stay away” from any Christians who don’t discriminate against gay people.

He said: “The Bible is very testament… the Old Testament calls it an abomination. There’s no question about it.

“To have a church saying [homosexuality] is not a sin, it’s okay, they’re leading people down the road to perdition.

“It’s a shame, but if I were you, I would stay far away from them. We love the sinner but hate the sin – but nevertheless it’s a problem.”

Elsewhere, he described same-sex marriage as part of a ‘flood of evil’ coming to destroy America.

He said: “We are confronting right now a tide of evil that is like nothing that any of us have seen before.

We have a government that is set about bringing upon iniquity, we have courts that have distorted the Constitution and have turned our moral values on their ear.

“Who would’ve thought, 30 or 40 years ago when we began, that the Supreme Court would’ve said that homosexuality is a constitutional right? Who would’ve thought that the Supreme Court would’ve said marriage between homosexuals was a constitutional right? Who would’ve thought that the slaughter of babies, over 55 million of them, would’ve been declared a constitutional right by the Supreme Court?

“A tiny group of left-wing judges have distorted our culture.”