Anti-gay Australian MP sparks terror alert after mistaking glitter for actual bomb

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Protesters sent glitter to an anti-gay MP in Australia – causing him to trigger a terror alert.

LGBT activist group GetUp sent letters to a hundred MPs and Senators in the country, after the government blocked plans to finally allow same-sex couples to marry.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott threatened to sack any ministers who voted for the equality – and now plans to kick the issue into the long grass by scheduling a public vote for late 2017 or 2018.

The letter sent to government politicians said: “Your party (not the kind you buy glitter for) messed with our plans.

Anti-gay Australian MP sparks terror alert after mistaking glitter for actual bomb

“We’ve had to put those plans on hold – indefinitely by the looks of it, thanks to your party’s abject confusion on the issue. And we’re really not happy about it.”

MP Craig Laundy, who supported the PM’s decision to ban MPs from voting for equality, calling the police when staff found the letter to him, triggering a terror alert.

He wrote on Facebook: “6 police cars, 6 fire trucks and 1 Hazmat unit… the emergency response today when my staff found a suspicious package in our PO Box was tremendous.

“It has since been discovered that it was a stupid stunt by GetUp. I’m all for organisations making contact with me, but to send any undeclared substance through the mail to the office of a Member of Parliament will inevitably cause alarm and divert important police and emergency services from their critical work.

“Thank you to Burwood LAC – NSW Police Force for their outstanding effort in undertaking a professional response to a grossly irresponsible act.”

However, voters were not amused.

One wrote: “So the next time I get an invitation with glitter in it I should ring emergency sevices…really?

Another added: “Seriously dude, calm down. If anyone is over-reacting and (further) wasting tax payer dollars.. it is you – boasting the amount of emergency services called when there are those who actually NEED these services – shame on you!”

Homophobic lawmakers in Texas were recently warned that glitter protests from gay rights activists pose a ‘health and safety’ risk.