Donald Trump appeared to a woman in butter… but she’d rather Hillary

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Donald Trump appeared to a woman in a tub of vegan butter – but she would have preferred Hillary.

The former Apprentice boss and US Presidential hopeful appeared to Jan Castellano in a tub of Earth Balance Organic Spread.

Trump butter

The image appeared in the vegan spread (Image: Facebook)

Castellano said she found the image amusing, but that she was in a pickle, as she wanted to spread the face on her toast.

The 63-year-old told the Huffington Post: “This was pretty much before I had coffee, so I was easily amused… he is everywhere these days.”

She wasn’t impressed however, saying “he is everywhere these days”.

Despite short-lived plans to sell the tub of spread on eBay and “donate the money to Hillary Clinton”, Castellano followed the rumbles of her tummy.

“It was the only butter I had, so I had to make the sacrifice,” she said.

She went on to say she hopes that Trump’s controversial campaign “melts away like butter” too.

The billionaire – who previously opposed equal marriage because he “just don’t feel good about it” – recently claimed that opposing equality is now a “dead issue”, and admitted he has attended a same-sex wedding.

He said: “Yes, I have [attended the wedding of Broadway theatre owner] Jordan Roth… Great guy.”

When asked if it is a “dead issue for the GOP”, he replied: “Some people have hopes of passing amendments, but it’s not going to happen.

“Congress can’t pass simple things, let alone that. So anybody that’s making that an issue is doing it for political reasons. The Supreme Court ruled on it.”

Trump also broke from the field to claim that employees should not be sacked based on sexuality – while not a single member of the Republican Party in Congress has backed a proposed Equality Act outlawing anti-LGBT discrimination.

Asked by whether private companies should fire employees simply due to their sexuality, he said: “I don’t think it should be a reason, no.”

Although some of the efforts are valiant, PinkNews imagined the entire Republican field as the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race last month.

Interestingly, though Mr Trump has always publicly claimed to oppose equal marriage, his recent re-positioning on LGBT rights is in line with what some claim has always been his real private viewpoint.

Actor George Takei previously claimed that Trump had privately revealed he attended a same-sex wedding and found it ‘beautiful’ – which Trump only admitted publicly this month.