Nicola Sturgeon helps gay man propose

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The Scottish Premier was asked to help a man propose to his boyfriend during a public meeting yesterday – and preceded to pop the question for him.

Earlier this week, the SNP leader tweeted a series of touching images that showed her helping Paul propose to his long-term partner, Ian.

And luckily for all involved, Ian said ‘Yes’ – although we’re sure Ms Sturgeon would not have taken ‘No’ for an answer!

“Fav moment of Oban public meeting tonight captured in this pic,” the SNP leader later tweeted.

“Paul (seen here on one knee) asked me to deliver his marriage proposal to Ian on his behalf.

“I’m delighted to report that Ian said yes. Congratulations to them both!”

Nicola Sturgeon helps gay man propose

Ms Sturgeon previously expressed her strong support for the LGBT community prior to the election, in an exclusive interview with PinkNews.

And following her landslide victory south of the border, she was quick to issue a warning to David Cameron over his plans to repeal the Human Rights Act.

The Scottish National Party politician condemned the plans during First Minister’s Questions at the Scottish Parliament – highlighting the progress in LGBT rights that have come about due to the law.

“That [the Human Rights Act] matters hugely to LGBT people in Scotland, throughout the UK and beyond,” she said at the time.

“Without the underpinning of fundamental rights that is provided by the European convention on human rights and legislation such as the Human Rights Act 1998, the immense progress on LGBTI rights that we have seen since the 1980s would undoubtedly have been more difficult,” she added.

“Although that progress has been achieved in Scotland, there are far too many countries around the world where LGBTI people continue to live in fear of their lives.”