Church shuts down homophobic vandals in colourful style

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A church has issued a colourful response to the anti-gay graffiti sprayed on its doors.

Instead of allowing the homophobic scrawl to intimidate them, the church has taken the opportunity to show the community just how welcome gay people are.

Church shuts down homophobic vandals in colourful style

The doors of Wedgewood Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, were dubbed with the words “Fags Are Pedos” and a sign outside – which read “LGBT Equality” – was also covered in paint.

However, rather than let the hatred bother them, the congregation came together – holding a service focused on community, equality and acceptance.

Volunteers and church workers then proceeded to paint over the graffiti – in colourful rainbow paint.

A service sheet published on the church’s Facebook page showed the touching welcome to the event read.

“Welcome to you if you are female or male or some of each, gay or straight or some of each, black or brown or white or a mix of each, old or young or middle-aged, rich or broke or barely surviving or middle class, doubting or believing or some of each or one or the other depending on what is going on in your life or the world.

“Wedgwood Church is a community of curious and creative spiritual seekers, striving to learn and embody the way of Jesus and other religious leaders, striving to love and do justice for all people. Welcome!”

Church shuts down homophobic vandals in colourful style

Earlier this month, the mother of two bisexual daughters responded to vandals in a similarly colourful fashion.

When homophobes vandalised her family’s home – spraying the words “I’m gay” on the family garage – Erin Delong and her daughters repainted the door in pride-themed rainbow colours.