Homophobes want to call gay marriage ‘Garriage’ to keep it separate from straight marriage

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

An anti-gay activist has proposed that gay marriage is referred to as “garriage” – so that it isn’t confused with heterosexual marriage.

Pat Fagan, who is the director of the ‘Marriage and Religion Research Institute’ at the anti-gay Family Research Council, made the claim this month.

Speaking at the launch of Ryan T Anderson’s book on the recent Supreme Court case, Fagan suggested that Christians reserve the word ‘marriage’ for talking about straight people.

He said: “The use of language is key here. The redefinition of marriage that the court has done is not the court’s to do. That is robbery, and it’s highway robbery.

“So I have a proposal, something along these lines… that we in the pro-family movement start using related terms, but keep marriage for what it always was.

So we might say, if you’re talking about gay marriage you call it ‘garriage’ instead of marriage.

“If it’s lesbian, you call it ‘larriage.’ If you want a generic homosexual marriage it’s ‘harriage.’

“But getting these words into use I think is key, and that will take time, but whomever holds the language ultimately holds the whole game.

“To concede the word marriage is to concede a huge amount of the playing field.”

However, activist Ryan T. Anderson seemed uncomfortable with the idea.

He said: “My only concern with the terms that you suggest is… how will that be heard by other people?”

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