Google totally shut down these abusive trolls with one tweet

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After setting up a think tank with a view to stamping out online abuse and promoting free expression, Google proved exactly why it needs one.

The tech giant got some pretty horrific messages on social media. But what Google did next made any comeback by trolls pretty difficult.


Google set up Ideas, a think tank dedicated to free expression, and tweeted a photo of a number of members.

In the hour after the tweet was sent, dozens of abusive messages, commenting on the physical appearance of the team.

Many told Google, and the think tank members to “kill themselves”.

Google tweeted back to say: “The replies to our last tweet are precisely why we are exploring ways to combat online harassment.”


The think tank’s website reads: “Google Ideas is a team of engineers, researchers, and geopolitical experts who build products to support free expression and access to information, especially in repressive societies. We focus on the problems faced by people who live in unstable, isolated, or oppressive environments, including the billions of people who are coming online for the first time.

“With the right tools, we can make the internet more free and open. Many of us take the internet for granted, but for human rights activists, journalists, and artists living under censorship, a free and open internet can be a matter of life and death.

“We believe that technology can profoundly expand access to information for people who need it most.”