Munroe Bergdorf gracefully schools transphobe who thought the coronavirus pandemic was a good time to send online abuse

Munroe Bergdorf

The trans model and activist Munroe Bergdorf showed exactly what it means to ‘kill them with kindness’ as she responded to a transphobe in her DMs.

Berdorf’s visible online presence unfortunately means that she attracts a lot of bile from anonymous trolls who can’t bear to see a transgender woman living her best life.

She’s become adept at dealing with the abuse she receives, but that doesn’t mean the words don’t cause pain, as she expertly explained to one man who spewed hate at her on Instagram.

“You’re a stupid man with gender dysphoria endorsing child abuse, wtf is wrong with you?” he wrote. “There’s a reason people can’t drink or smoke until a certain age let alone try to change their sex.

“Completely disgusting and irresponsible, f**k you.”

Rather than rise to the man’s anger, Bergdorf replied calmly: “What have I done now?”

The man was obviously taken aback by the realisation that he was directing hate speech at a real, living person, as he replied: “I didn’t expect you to respond and honestly [I] apologise but I just think most of what I’ve seen you say is crazy.”

He then bizarrely does a complete 180 and backtracks: “Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished and overcome…” clearly not understanding that trolls like him are just one of the many things she’s had to overcome.

(Instagram/Munroe Bergdorf)

Bergdorf maintained her composure as she gave the man the benefit of the doubt by suggesting that he disagreed with her because he didn’t understand her.

“That could have been discussed in a conversation,” she tells him. “Please don’t send anyone else abuse like this. It goes to real people with feelings.”

Now suitably contrite, the man admitted he was wrong and blamed his abuse on “the ease of the internet” and the coronavirus pandemic.

“I sincerely apologise, idk why I messaged you but it’s just upsetting with everything that’s going on. I’m sorry,” he wrote.

“Can I ask you a serious question? I’ve never talked to a famous person.”

The utter incongruity of a man becoming suddenly star struck by a woman that he was abusing and misgendering just moments before was surely not lost on Bergdorf, but still she refused to engage.

(Instagram/Munroe Bergdorf)

“I’d rather not if that’s OK,” she said simply. “This time is stressful for us all. You just sent me abuse. I don’t really feel like answering questions.

“I do wish you the best though and treat others with more kindness than you showed me.”

And that’s how it’s done.