Should this ‘straight’ man tell his wife he masturbated with a man… twice?

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A ‘straight’ married man has gone to the internet to ask for help after jacking off with another man… twice.

Paulpaul123 told Reddit users that he had masturbated twice, on two separate occasions, with a man five years ago and is now worried it may ruin his marriage.

Should this ‘straight’ man tell his wife he masturbated with a man… twice?

Paul, who is 35, says that he has been happily married for seven years, has two children, has sex four times a week and has zero relationship problems.

He assures users that he is completely heterosexual, despite doing something “bi”, saying “I love my wife, I am not gay or bi”, before explaining his indiscretions as “really more of an act of exhibition that went farther then I thought it would.”

Paul claims he is ashamed, feels guilty and has tried to forget the incidents: “I have put it into the back of my mind all these years as just an experimenting phase,” but the person has recently moved into the area and that has “brought back many horrible feelings.”

Despite seeing a counsellor, who told him he was just having a “teenage moment”, Paul wants Reddit users to help him decide whether to tell his wife about his encounters with another man, given her strong feelings on cheating.

He asks: “What do I do?… I feel very guilty for doing this to my wife and I don’t think she would understand that it was stupid and I would never do anything again to hurt her.”

Should this ‘straight’ man tell his wife he masturbated with a man… twice?

Reddit users offered a mixed reaction to the man’s predicament.

Some questioned his true sexuality with one user telling Paul that he needed to “first accept and own [his] sexuality and come to grips with the fact that [he] liked touching and being touched by another man enough to do it more than once.”

Others told Paul to keep it hidden from his wife and not risk divorce with one stating: “You had a problem, you fixed it. It’s not like you hurt anyone.”

Some users encouraged Paul come clean and hope his wife understands because, as one user said, “it’s not the act itself but the hiding that I would have most issue with.”

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