This fake candidate is polling higher than some anti-gay Republicans

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A fake Presidential candidate has picked up more votes than Jeb Bush in a New Hampshire straw poll.

Unlike the 15 Republicans currently running for President, Honest Gil Fulbright was made up as a joke by finance reform campaigners, and played by actor Frank Ridley.

However, ‘Gil’, who appeared in a rather unique campaign ad, picked up a surprising number of votes in a Republican Liberty Caucus straw poll in New Hampshire.

The candidate’s pledges include “education and making it good”, “the economy and improving it by repeating the word jobs”, and “blablabla something to get votes from women and minorities”.

He appeared to be a hit with voters, however – gaining more votes than actual candidates Jeb Bush, George Pataki, Lindsey Graham.

.In a collection of emails Mr Bush released last month, the former Governor of Florida told a gay constituent that his partnership “shouldn’t be afforded” the protections of “marraige” [sic] – consistently misspelling the word marriage while espousing his ‘belief’ in traditional marriage.


Graham recently claimed that gay people shouldn’t be concerned about Kentucky clerk Kim Davis – because everyone should be working together to stop Islamic State.

When asked about Kim Davis, he said: “Here’s the one thing I want to tell you… whether you’re the wedding cake baker or the gay couple or the Baptist preacher, radical Islam would kill you all if they could.

“Kim Davis… I’m not worried about her attacking me. I am worried about radical Islamic terrorists who are already here planning another 9/11.”
This fake candidate is polling higher than some anti-gay Republicans
Fulbright told TIME: “Some have pointed out that I’m not on the ballot anywhere… but despite this obstacle, I’m still in a dead heat with Lindsey Graham.”

Josh Silver of said: “Voters on both sides of the aisle are fed up with politicians who represent special interests and lobbyists instead of the American people.

“Honest Gil strikes a chord because he exposes our corrupt political system for what it is.”