This gay guy got kicked out of Church for ‘choosing a sinful lifestyle’

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A gay man has shared the letter he received kicking him out of his Church – over his supposed ‘sinful’ lifestyle.

Dylan Settles had attended Woods Chapel General Baptist Church in Brookland, Arkansas for many years.

However, when he opened up about his sexuality, his Church turned its back on him – and urged him to abandon his so-called ‘sinful’ lifestyle.

Mr Settles received a letter from the Church that reads: “It has come to the attention, of the Church body, that you have made it known publicly of your choice to embrace the homosexual lifestyle.
This gay guy got kicked out of Church for ‘choosing a sinful lifestyle’
“While we understand the struggles we all face with sin in our lives, we must also be aware of the consequences of our choices.

“As a Christian we must choose to serve and obey, in accordance with God’s holy word, in order to remain a member in good standing of the church body.We as the church board at Wood’s Chapel General Baptist Church, have with great sorrow, voted to remove your name immediately from the church membership role.

“It is the desire of your church family, you would turn from the sinful lifestyle you have chosen, repent of the sins you have committed, and return to full fellowship with God and the Church body.”

Mr Settles told Arkansas Matters of the letter: “I was like in awe. I was in so much shock, I couldn’t read like the rest of it.”

However, he won’t be returning to the church.

He said: “I don’t feel comfortable sitting at pew or sitting beside my parents when all I’m going to see is people pointing their fingers at me because of the lifestyle I chose.”