Fired gay Vatican priest says that Jesus is fine with gay people

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A priest who was fired from the Vatican after coming out as gay says that Jesus would have no issue with him.

Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa was a mid-level official in the Vatican’s doctrine office, but was fired earlier this month after coming out as gay – which the Vatican claimed was “irresponsible”.

He told the BBC that Jesus would say that gay people “must love and [live], must have relationship in concordance with their nature.”

When asked about what he believed Jesus’ views on homosexuality would be, he stated “I think that the message of Jesus Christ is [to] call for the church, for us, for every person who believes in a Christian God, is to accept and to understand that [a] homosexual person must love and [live], [and] must have relationship in concordance with their nature.”


Charamsa added that his coming out was his “act of desperation” to get the Vatican to think about the “reality of our world”.

The priest’s coming out happened amid the Church’s annual Synod. Last year the Catholic Church planned to “welcome gay people” into the church, but the plans were dropped after they failed to win the backing of a two-thirds majority.

The plans were slated to be revised this year, but were not an issue at the Synod.

Charamsa went on to claim that John the Apostle had a “very very near sensibility of a homosexual person” but could not judge what any person’s sexuality is.

Talking about other gay priests, he said that they suffer greatly under the Vatican’s current views on homosexuality.

He said: “For me [the] history of my colleagues, my brothers in priesthood, are first of all histories of suffering.

“Of great suffering because these people are offended by the church, by our vision of homosexuality, we begin as priests, we begin as serfs of the church of God but we must hate ourselves.”

The Pope issued a rare apology earlier this week, that hinted at gay sex scandals in the church.

Reports also recently emerged that the Catholic Church has its own ‘gay cure’ clinic for priests.