‘An act of war’ – 128 dead after Paris atrocities

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The terrorist group known as Islamic State has been named as the perpetrators of atrocities in Paris.

A series of attacks took place in the French capital last night, with co-ordinated bomb and gun attacks claiming the lives of over a hundred people.

The death count currently stands at 128, with hundreds more injured following the killings across the city at restaurants, a rock concert and a football match.

This morning, French President François Hollande named Islamic State as the perpetrators off the attacks.

Using an alternate name for the group, President Hollande said: “It is an act of war that was committed by a terrorist army, a jihadist army, Daesh, against France.

“It is an act of war that was prepared, organized and planned from abroad, with complicity from the inside, which the investigation will help establish.”

He added: “I pay homage to the country’s defenders who fought the terrorists yesterday. Everyone has given their utmost and will be putting in their best efforts in the day to come.”

“In this most serious and uncertain time, I call for unity and courage… even if France is wounded, she will rise.”
‘An act of war’ – 128 dead after Paris atrocities
However, ISIS is yet to openly take responsibility for the attacks itself.

Following the attacks, France has mobilised its military, closed its borders, and declared a national state of emergency.

The United Nations Security Council recently discussed the group’s tactics in persecuting LGBT people, as well as spreading terror and committing other atrocities.