Gay clubs to hold ‘minute of silence’ in solidarity with Paris

Some of the UK’s biggest gay venues will stop the music for a minute of silence tonight – in solidarity with victims in Paris.

A series of attacks took place in the French capital last night, with coordinated bomb and gun attacks claiming the lives of over a hundred people.

The death count currently stands at 128, with hundreds more injured following the killings across the city at restaurants, a rock concert and a football match.

The world has rushed to show solidarity with the French, with a number of landmarks lighting up in the colours of the French flag, and flowers left outside French embassies across the globe.

In a display of solidarity, a number of clubs and bars will cut the music this evening for a minute of silence.

Jeremy Joseph, the owner of G-A-Y, tweeted: “I’ve made a decision, that tonight at G-A-Y, we will do a one minute silence before the show, as a mark of respect for Paris.

G-A-Y confirmed: “There will be a one minute silence on the main floor before the show as a mark of respect and thoughts for the victims and families in Paris.”

A number of other clubs are thought to be emulating the plans.
Gay clubs to hold ‘minute of silence’ in solidarity with Paris
ISIS, the group thought to be behind the Paris atrocities, has executed hundreds of men for homosexuality as it expands beyond its strongholds.

The United Nations Security Council recently discussed the group’s tactics in persecuting LGBT people, as well as spreading terror and committing other atrocities.