Jenny McCarthy: ‘Charlie Sheen should’ve disclosed HIV status to romantic co-stars’

Former Two and a Half Men guest star Jenny McCarthy has blasted Charlie Sheen for not disclosing his HIV status to her because their fictional characters were in a relationship.

Speaking on her radio show yesterday, she told listeners that actors have to sign release forms if they have cold sores, and it was unfair of Sheen not to disclose his HIV status to his co-stars.

“I’m like: wait a second, if I have to be upfront about a herpe, how could you not be upfront about HIV?” she said.

“Look at how many people have played his love interest on the show, I mean not that you can obviously get it from kissing, but still that’s a big deal.”

She went on to talk about how she was ‘STD phobic’ and when she thinks back to her time on the show, she cannot help but think “… yuuuuck, that’s not fair and scary.”

“I have sympathy for him because he’s sick and it’s awful…” she continued,

“…but, man, he is going to have to take some major accountability in many people in his lives, with many people’s lives. ”

Sheen’s rep has since clarified that he was not diagnosed with HIV until after he left Two and a Half Men.

On Tuesday Sheen disclosed his HIV status on NBC’s Today Show after allegedly being blackmailed for ‘millions’ by former friends who threatened to reveal his status.

Earlier this month The Sun revealed that a ‘Superstar Womaniser’, now believed to be referring to Sheen, had HIV. The article was heavily criticised by HIV campaign groups and charities.

Listen to the full Jenny McCarthy segment here.