Manchester thought of the best way to warn people about a serious issue

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City planning in Manchester has found a pretty fun way to get the point across that a road has changed to ‘two-way traffic’.

New signs, erected (*ahem*) in Manchester’s gay village are actually just intended to inform pedestrians that they will need to look both ways when crossing the road.


However, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), decided to have a bit of fun.

The road in question is Princess Street, which joins onto Canal Street.

The posted campaign is aimed at getting the news about a serious issue across in the most fun way possible.

The new access will mean drivers will be able to get into Manchester city centre easier and quicker than before.

TfGM hopes that the campaign is spread widely, to inform as many people as possible to stay safe on the roads.


Speaking to MessengerNewspapers, Peter Boulton, the head of programme management for TfGM, said: “Road safety is a serious business but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun to get our message across.”

As well as the poster campaign, lollipop ladies have also been deployed around the area to inform and assist pedestrians.

“What better way to tell people they need to take care now the changes have come into force than lollipop ladies?”