Four people arrested after drunk gang viciously attacked trans woman and her friends during Manchester Pride weekend

Manchester Pride attack

Four people have been arrested in connection to an attack in Manchester, England, which left four queer people shaken on what would have been Manchester Pride.

In harrowing footage uploaded to social media, the 28 August attack saw a trans woman and her friends beaten after a gang of teenagers barricaded the streets on their way home from drinks.

Hurling lewd advances at her, which she politely declined, the drunk teens then “switched” and launched into a volley of punches and verbal barbs towards her and her two friends as well as a bystander, the victims told PinkNews.

Four people were arrested on suspicion of breaching the peace, according to a statement sent by the Greater Manchester Police to PinkNews. 

With anti-LGBT+ hate crimes on the rise across England, one of the GMP’s top inspectors sought to reassure the public that an investigation into the incident has been launched and vowed to bring anyone who committed a criminal offence to “justice”.

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On Friday 28th of August at 23:30pm in Manchester City Centre on Chatham St we were attacked by a gang of four teenagers. This was unprovoked. Myself and two friends were returning home after trying to celebrate pride weekend at Canal St when this gang approached us and began harassing us. One of my friends is trans and she refused to give one of the girls in the gang a hug or take pictures and things escalated. They followed us and Sinead (blonde hair) threw a drink in my face which initiated the physical assault. Following that first attack, the rest of the pack ran at us and began swinging punches and throwing kicks. @itsjackweir saved our lives because he stepped in to defend us. We all tried to protect our trans friend and created a human shield around her. After Jack got involved, the four of them all at once dragged and dropped jack across the floor before kicking him in the head repeatedly. The worst offender was the boy in the gang, his name is Kamran. He was EXTREMELY violent against Jack as you can see in the video. Since this video circulated online, numerous videos of Kamran harassing other victims have since surfaced. I knew we couldn’t fight them alone so i left in a hurry looking for police. Once I returned five minutes later, Jack was now against a wall being assaulted by ALL four at once. It’s a miracle he’s not dead. We now have a crime number and it’s being investigated. I’m expecting to hear from a police officer today. At the crime scene the monsters weren’t arrested just removed from town. We want justice so this doesn’t happen again to someone else. We want reparations and apologies for the trauma and injuries they left us with. Their names are Kamran Saxon, Safia Saxon, Georgia Lleigh and Sinead Thomson. Trans Lives Matter and our queer community needs to protect our Trans people at ALL COSTS. For more updates and details watch my attack highlight. Please share and help us get justice.

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Drunk teens compliment trans woman on a night out. When she declined, they turned violent.

Walking back home, the trans woman and her two queer friends were cutting through Manchester city centre when, just less than a mile away from the city’s midtown gay village, the teens approached them.

Actor Adam Ali described how unwanted comments of how “beautiful” his trans friend was quickly turned into insults – she was called “ugly” and a “tranny”, he said – after she refused to give them a hug.

“They then turned on her, they switched,” Ali said.

What followed, the victims said, was a rash of violence in which the victims were punched, had drinks lobbed at them and anti-LGBT+ slurs hurled. A bystander, also a member of the LGBT+ community intervened in an effort to dial in the brawl.

He instead became the new target. Jack Weir had chunks of hair tugged out as he was kicked by the teens as he tried to defend the trans woman.

“I couldn’t not do anything,” Weir said. “It was clearly a transphobic assault taking place.

“Trans people get 100 times more hate as it is so my instinct was to at least get their attention off her and on to me,” he said.

“They were dragging me down by my hair and swung me against a metal bollard pretty hard.”

Reeling victims left questioning what Manchester Pride even celebrates after brutal anti-LGBT+ attack. 

In a statement, local law enforcement said: “At around 11.20pm on Friday 28 August 2020, officers on a routine patrol of Manchester city centre were approached by a member of the public reporting a disturbance on Chatham Street.

“Officers attended and established that two friends were walking home from a night out when they were approached by a group of four people who verbally attacked them.

“A member of the public tried to intervene and was subsequently physically attacked. No one required hospital treatment.”